Sustainability & Social Responsibility



Merger cares about the purpose of preventing environmental pollution and waste. Our whole staff are trained about the environment.

The chemicals are used in accordance with the related standards and they’re placed distant from workers.

We follow requirements concerning to protect water and energy. The waste materials are separately stored and delivered.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

It’s very important to present safe working place and consider all kinds of working related hazards. Working equipment is safe and correct personal protective gear is provided. The envoirenment is very clean and drinkable water, toilet, resting areas, sports centers and food&beverage consuming areas are available.

The building has enough fire exists and equipped with firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and properly marked escape routes. All the employees are trained regarding “Occupational Health and Safety”. “OHS handbook” is always available and first aid training is provided. At least one person per each unit has basic basic training in first aid.

Employment Policy

Merger follows the national laws and regulations as well as the industrial standards. Each staff is entitled a contract and keeping their own copies. No child labor is employed and minimum age limit is 18.

The bottom wage is legally minimum and weekly working hours do not exceed  48 hours.Overtime shall not exceed 12 hours a week. No  obligatory or dependant labor is employed.

There is a freedom to leave the job presenting reasonable causes.